The brilliant online tools for all bodyworkers

Create individual exercise programs for your patients and clients to do their program reguarly and for correct repetitions of the exercises.

Physiator is suitable for all professions of bodywork. Motivate your clients in addition with a professional collection of exercises and – as desired- with regular reminder.

PhysiotherapyCreate individual exercise programs for your clients in an easy and quick way. Choose photos and descriptions from a diverse and professional library.
Occupational TherapyUse the numerous existing exercises and create your own exercises with meaningful photos of the library or with your own images.
OsteopathyIf desired, remind your clients of the daily exercise program by reminders that are automatically sent per email and text message.
PhysiciansCreate professional home programs and exercise plans to reinforce your instructions in the clinic and for the client to take home.
ChiropracticSupport the recovery of your clients with tailored exercise programs - enjoy a satisfied and loyal clientele.
CoachPut specific training and exercise programs together for athletes and coaches. Personalise the printouts with your company logo.
FitnessCreate individual training plans or resort to the standard programs for routine cases.
Trainings TherapyGive the individual training program to take for everyday life - as a printout, in the web or per email. Operate Physiator per smart phone, tablet or computer according to your preference.
Massage TherapyUse your own templates inclusive company logo and address for standardized and tailored therapies in the physiotherapy, practice, clinic and hospital.